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29 Reasons Why Customers with Imperfect Credit Choose MDG

MDG would like to thank all our loyal and amazing customers for all your years of support. We’ve officially been around for 29 years, offering leading consumer financing programs. We pride ourselves on being the better alternative — for those who may not have credit options. We’ve worked with a wide range of customers over the past 29 years. No matter where your credit stood, you were all great customers to us!

Top reasons why customers keep choosing MDG for consumer financing.

Longevity – In It for the Long Haul

Trends come and go. We’ve been there from the launch of the personal computing (PC) industry to now. Founded in 1991, for 29 years we’ve stood the test of time. Over the years, we’ve reinvented ourselves and changed to accommodate for new customers and their needs.

Our philosophy has always been about putting the customer experience first. Making financing and shopping accessible for customers who wouldn’t be able to afford it, due to their limited cash flow and/or credit history. MDG provides you options when there may be none.


Inclusivity – You’re More than Your Credit Score

When traditional lenders say no, where else do you go?

MDG looks beyond your score and sees you as a whole person —tailoring financing programs that work for you. MDG works with a wide range of customers with varying credit scores. We know that there are other contributing factors outside of your credit score that make you unique.

The online application lets you know how much you’re pre-qualified for without doing a hard-credit pull. It’s only a soft-inquiry so it doesn’t affect your credit score.

Inclusivity – You’re More than Your Credit Score_Margaret

You’ve Got Options — Even If You Have Imperfect Credit

Rent-to-own companies may sell you the same products as other retailers, but their total cost of ownership is much higher. With high compounding interest rates, a product can cost you 4x more than the advertised ticket price, once you pay off the contract.

Total Transparency

Online applications are accessed in real time and initial credit assessment are communicated within minutes. You know right away how much you’ve pre-qualified for. But MDG goes beyond that, they let you know up front what your interest rate is, how much your minimum payments will be, and how much you will have paid in the end. There is no guess work. Use our total cost of ownership to calculate the total amount you will pay for the item(s) you purchased.

Total Transparency_Alexander

Buy Now Pay Over time – On Your Terms

There are many benefits for why customers want to Buy Now and Pay Over Time.

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a. Flexible payment plans that works for your budget and schedule
       i. Low affordable minimum payments
       ii. No long-term commitments

Open Credit Financing

Open credit financing gives you the flexibility to pay off your balance anytime without penalties.

1. If you get an extra bonus or a tax return and you want to put it towards your payment, you’re more than welcome to. We encourage it!

2. By paying it off faster you incur less interest and you’ll pay less in the end.

National Credit Bureau Reporting

MDG reports all payments to a national credit bureau.

National Credit Bureau Reporting_Vicki

Free Credit Monitoring

Customers who pre-qualify for consumer financing are enrolled in the MDG Credit Monitoring Program
— track your credit score and see your progression over time.

You can easily access the Credit Monitoring program through your MDG Account.

Free Credit Monitoring

Customer Care at Your Fingertips

We’re not a bunch of bots! MDG understands how important human interactions are. We try to find the right balance between technology automation but being accessible to you whenever you need us.


We have a team of in-house experts from Personal Account Assistants, Verification Specialists, Warehouse and Operations.

Every customer gets assigned a Personal Account Assistant. By having a direct line to MDG, you’ll have a single point of contact, to assist you with all your needs.

You’re always treated like a preferred customer. You’ll never be underserved or unvalued.

Customer Care – Available 6 Days a Week_Troy

Brand Name Products at Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

MDG believes that we owe it to you to give you as much value as possible. Our team of Buyers/Merchandisers work very closely with top brands like Samsung, Asus, HP Ashley Furniture, Coaster Fine Furniture, American Home Line and more, to give you great products at competitive prices.

a. There is no tiered pricing or hidden retail mark ups.

b. 30 Day Lowest Price Match Guarantee*

c. MDG offers Extended 2- and 3-Year Protection Plans — peace of mind on any product you purchase

d. Club Subscriber Benefits

     i. Exclusive offers to Club Subscribers

     ii. Subscribers may save hundreds of dollars on select products

Brand Name Products at Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)_Robert

Customer Satisfaction Rating of 4.5/5 Stars

MDG wants to be your go-to whenever you need to make a purchase for your home. We know how hard it is to stretch a dollar in today’s economy. Outside of value for money, our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible — from the initial moment you came to the MDG site, to the time your order arrives at your door.


a. Average customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5 stars

b. High customer retention

c. Repeat customers on average make a minimum of 3 purchases with MDG

d. Customer feedback survey and third-party reviews — a real-time pulse to see what customers love about MDG and areas for improvement. We read every bit of feedback our customers leave us!

Customer Satisfaction Rating of 4.5 Stars_Bill

Investment in Technology for a Personalized Experience

With roots as a white-glove computer manufacturer and retailer,MDG understands the importance of providing a highly personalized shopping experience for each customer.

We know that every person is different. One may be more tech-savvy and prefer the do-it-yourself approach. While others are looking for a direct connection.

Regardless of your preferences, we’re always improving and streamlining our processes and systems to make it more convenient and easier for you.

From Ecommerce to FinTech

MDG has evolved over the years from being a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer (with 25+ stores) to an all-one ecommerce FinTech platform. We use disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to build a wholistic view of our customer. This allows us to create the right product mix and bring our services quicker to market while improving our operational efficiencies. By minimizing manually intensive, micro-management processes, we can reinvest in our customers and give them a better experience.

MDG believes that a person’s purchasing power shouldn’t be limited to just their credit score. As a company that values hard work, we know the importance of being able to stretch a dollar.

We’re committed to be the best alternative, a place where you can buy the things you need, even if your credit isn’t perfect. MDG has been bringing leading consumer financing programs to customers for the past 29 years. We’re here, if you need us! Join us and celebrate our 29th Anniversary !

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