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Ultimate Hammer Set 15 Pieces
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*The most comprehensive hammer set on the market *Includes a hammer for virtually every application *Set includes: Tubular Handle, 16-oz. Claw Hammer Hickory Handle, 16-oz. Claw Hammer Hickory Handle, 22-oz. Framing Hammer Dead Blow, 8-oz. Hammer Dead Blow, 16-oz. Hammer Dead Blow, 24-oz. Hammer Dead Blow, 32-oz. Hammer Ball Pein, 8-oz. Hammer Ball Pein, 16-oz. Hammer Ball Pein, 24-oz. Hammer Ball Pein, 32-oz. Hammer Mallet, 16-oz., Black Mallet, 32-oz., Black Mallet, 16-oz., White Mallet, 32-oz., White


Le jeu de marteaux le plus complet du marché
Manche tubulaire
Marteau à griffes 16 oz. manche en hickory
Marteau à griffes 16 oz. manche en hickory
Marteau de charpentier 22-oz.
Marteau de 8 oz.
Marteau 16 oz.
Marteau à percussion morte 24-oz.
Marteau à bille 32-oz.
Marteau à bille 8-oz.
Marteau Ball Pein 16-oz.
Marteau 24-oz.
Marteau 32-oz.
Maillet noir
Maillet noir
Mallette blanche
Maillet blanc
Mallette blanche 32-oz.
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Ultimate Hammer Set 15 Pieces

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