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Customer Reviews
Delroy V. on 3/24/2020 1:11:50 PM
I choose to give a 5 stars because of the customer experience.

choose to give a 5 stars because of the customer experience.

Ivelisse Belen. on 3/17/2020 3:21:08 PM
Great company excelent service.

Very good company I am very please with that.

Forrest White. on 3/16/2020 8:15:29 PM
excellent service was surprised with the easy credit approval with the low score i have

once the laptop is paid off i will look at other products

Evelyn Ortiz. on 3/16/2020 6:39:24 PM
Awesome products

I have been shopping with mdg for quite a while now great products and service. I have recommended mdg to friends and family. I am happy with the products and will continue to shop with them.

Patrick Briand. on 3/16/2020 5:52:26 PM
First time customer turned customer for life.

I have recently became a customer of MDG last 2-3mths and My comments or post are solely based on my personal experience , with that being said as u can see I gave them a 5/5 as they in my experience have really set the highest of standards for their online competitors ,but maybe more importantly in that short period since I became a customer they have managed to change my perception and expectations of online shopping from one of negativity and disappointment to one of positivity and satisfaction Ben it via their very user friendly online application process that is completed In a impressively timely manner, or the personal experience you get from your own representative assigned to your file ...I have receive noting but professional & helpfully assistance form “Steve” when ever needed ...it feels like I could be shooting pool and Having a few beers with the guy he’s that Awsome. Their inventory is a little limited ...that was me trying to find a negative ...lol I highly recommend MGD to my family and friends. I am already working on my third purchase they make it thst easy and affordable. Keenul the good work team we appreciate it ????

Larry Crane. on 3/16/2020 11:45:19 AM
great service

i love what they have to offer. great stuff and great prices.

JESSE LALONDE. on 3/16/2020 10:21:24 AM

MDG is very excellent place with great customer service I have been with them for 9 years now. They have helped me furnish my home. I would love to see outdoor stuff like patio furniture and more bbqs.

Laurie Ann. on 3/13/2020 11:02:55 AM
Great customer service

Very helpful and professional.

Vera Lynn. on 3/10/2020 12:49:47 PM
Great company

Never have an issue with mdg

Bastien Daneault. on 3/9/2020 7:07:29 PM

Vraiment cool service impeccable

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