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Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit at all, MDG offers programs that suit everyone's credit history!


• Everyone is INSTANTLY Approved for Financing. GUARANTEED!
• Your online credit application gets processed within SECONDS!
• Pay off your balance at ANY TIME (just like a Line of Credit or Credit Card!)

• Low Interest Rates from only 19.8% (o.a.c.) - Low Minimum Payments.
• MDG's In-House Financing! Loans up to $2,875
• No Long Term Commitment.

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Financing made easy with MDG’s Hassle-free Finance. Good credit, bad credit, no credit at all -- Personalized payment options will suit anyone's credit history! Guaranteed minimum payments, and personalized accounts. Our open contract finance lets you pay off your balance anytime just like a credit card. No Deposits. No Obligations. No Hassle, purchase any Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, HDTV, Electronic, Furniture, Mattresses and/or Appliance.
Your MDG Approval has no cash value. MDG credit can only be used for product purchases shown on our Website. You will not be able to use this credit towards non-MDG purchases.

Terms of Use: By clicking submit the undersigned certifies the in putted information to be true and correct. Also, I/we accept and consent to MDG Computers Canada, Inc. sending transactional messages and obtaining from any credit reporting agency or credit grantor, such information as it may require at any time in connection with the credit hereby applied for and consent to the disclosure at any time of any information concerning the undersigned to any credit reporting agency or to any credit grantor with whom the undersigned has financial relations.

No Cash Value - MDG Credit can only be used for product purchases with MDG.


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