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Complimentary Credit Monitoring Program

MDG offers a FREE Credit Monitoring Program to everyone who pre-qualifies for consumer financing. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to MDG, you will automatically be enrolled in the MDG Credit Monitoring Program, for free of charge.

Even if you decide not to use MDG’s leading consumer financing program, you still get access to the MDG Credit Monitoring Program for FREE.

Why Should You Monitor Your Credit?

You know everything about yourself. The colour of your eyes, hair, size, foods you like, etc. But do you also know what your credit score is? MDG offers the MDG Credit Monitoring Program, as a complimentary service to you. The credit monitoring program provides our clients with a snapshot of their credit score.

Your credit score is a three-digit number. Your credit score can range from 300-900 and it takes into account several factors such as your credit history, your utilization rate and your ability to make payments on time.

Just like everything in life, things are never constant. It’s important to see where you stand. Your credit score will be updated in your MDG Account only when there are significant changes. Keep in mind that a credit score is a snapshot, it is not a full credit report.

How to Finance


The MDG Credit Monitoring Program performs regular soft-checks to see if there are changes to your score. These soft-inquires are not reported to the credit bureaus, so it doesn’t impact on your credit report.

Whenever a payment is made towards a loan, credit card, line of credit, etc., the payments get recorded on your credit report.

Many Lenders and insurers will measure a person’s credit worthiness. They’ll look at the person’s history to see how financially reliable they are. Someone with a high score may be eligible to obtain higher credit limits from lenders and they may even get lower interest rates.

FAQs About MDG Credit Monitoring Program

MDG is offering this program FREE of charge to every person who pre-qualifies for credit with us. The program is created by MDG to empower our customers with financial literacy.

The Free MDG Credit Monitoring Program will not affect your credit score. The program only does soft-inquiries which is a credit review. For example, a routine credit review happens with pre-qualified credit offers, background checks or an increase credit line without you needing to request for it. It doesn’t impact your credit report because the soft-pulls are not reported to the credit bureaus. You benefit from having a point in time snap shot of where your credit score is currently.

A hard pull is associated to a credit check. This will occur if you apply for a mortgage, a car loan or even for a rental application for an apartment. The FREE MDG Credit Monitoring Program is a soft pull.

You can view your credit score through your MDG Account, under the Ratings Tab. It will show your credit score and your credit score history. The credit score history will only reflect significant changes (such as your score going up or down). If there is no score visible for a given month, that means the bureau didn’t provide MDG with a score at that time.

How to Finance

The snapshot will display significant jumps or a decline in your credit score. Changes take place over time. MDG sends monthly updates on your payment history to a national credit bureau — so all your payments are reported.

How to Finance

No problem. You can opt-out of the MDG Credit Monitoring Program at anytime. We provide you with a link from your MDG Account where you can opt-out of the service. Please note that once you opt-out, you will not be able to opt back in.

MDG put together the MDG Credit Monitoring Program so that our customers can be informed of their credit score. Our goal is to be transparent and educate our customers. This way you’re able to transform your financial well-being for the better.

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