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Who We Are

MDG is North America’s leading consumer financing company. With almost 30 years of experience, servicing a million+ happy customers.

Customers trust MDG — knowing that they’re working with MDG experts. All touch points are done in-house from ecommerce, customer service, finance, warehouse and logistics. MDG is your single point of contact.

MDG is committed to business excellence and strives towards a customer-first business model. With a winning track record, MDG has been awarded numerous Customer’s Choice Awards and excels in high customer satisfaction ratings. offers customers brand name electronics, televisions, computers, appliances, furniture and mattresses at competitive prices.  

As a top partner to industry suppliers MDG meets with suppliers regularly — providing the latest product lines at affordable prices. MDG relationships include but not limited to, Samsung, Asus, Acer, HP, Haier, Sharp, LG, PlayStation, Xbox, Dyson, Danby, Frigidaire, Ashley Furniture and The Brick.

Over the years, MDG has been recognized as being a: Platinum Intel Technology Partner, Sapphire Technology Supporter, OEM Hardware Solution of the Year, Toronto Sun Gold Winner Reader’s Choice Award, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Asus Premium Partner.  

MDG is committed in giving back to the community — partnering with several charitable foundations. A highly publicized event included one with The Steve Nash Foundation where MDG supplied equipment for school learning centres.  

History of MDG

MDG founded in 1991 as a white-glove, computer manufacturer and retailer.

In the 1990’s, the market was saturated by big players such as IBM, Dell and HP. The incumbent manufacturers, marketed computers based on the components they wanted to sell. Consumers didn’t have options for customizations — pick the components they wanted and build it from ground up.

MDG took the market by storm and bought top quality components in bulk — building each computer to meet the needs of individual customers.

Unlike other OEMs (Other Equipment Manufacturers), MDG not only offered a personalized buying experience, they also offered tier-one customer service support. Between the MDG stores and head office, MDG had just as many customer service reps as there were sales staff. This ensured that the customer was always cared for — separating themselves from other PC manufacturers.

MDG grew to over 25+ retail stores in Canada and key city centers in The United States. As one of the top 5 players in the white-glove PC market, MDG didn’t go unnoticed! As a leader in the space, MDG quickly become the largest account for Intel and Microsoft.

Unlike the personal computers of today, desktops were simply unaffordable. Only businesses had them. MDG wanted to change this and make it feasible for everyone — so that every household could have access to a computer.  MDG expanded their services to offer in-house consumer financing. It made owning a computer accessible and affordable for everyone!

MDG believes that everyone should be able to own the products they want and deserve, at affordable prices regardless of their credit history. It’s transformed from being a brick-and-mortar retailer to a successful ecommerce store — with the goal to make shopping accessible and easy to everyone.